We offer AUSA 1500 kg. – 2500 kg., UROMAC 1500kg. – 2500 kg. and AGRIA 1500 kg. – 2500 kg. Dumpers

AUSA 1500 KG. - 2500 KG.

AUSA Dumpers stand out for their durability and ability to adapt to any terrain, regardless of its difficulty or limited space. To this we must add the highest performance in safety, comfort, maneuverability, visibility, resistance...

UROMAC 1500 KG. - 2500 KG.

UROMAC Dumpers are perfect machines for working in tight spaces, thanks to their excellent maneuverability. They also offer excellent stability at full load on the most demanding terrain. In addition, its powerful motors ensure them a long durability.

AGRIA 1500 KG. - 2500 KG.

AGRIA Dumpers combine the best components with a design that allows to move all kinds of materials in any type of terrain. Its low-energy, refined engine and first-class elements make them ready to work in the most demanding environments.