We can offer you AUSA, AGRIA, UROMAC, DTH 2500, MAST EXPLORER, LINDE and FIAT Forklifts.


AUSA forklifts are powerful and versatile. In addition, its small size and minimum turning radius give them great maneuverability in any type of terrain.


AGRIA forklifts allow you to obtain the maximum performance in the transport of goods, both indoors and outdoors. Its proven power and agility enable it not only to lift large loads but also to stack them.


UROMAC DTH 2500 forklifts have a triple mast for lifting and stacking loads. Optional positioning of the hydraulic fork. You also have to take into account its two travel speeds, with slow forward control.


MAST EXPLORER Forklifts will not only allow you to load and unload large trucks. They are also effective for transporting and stacking goods. Likewise, they are effective for other specific purposes, such as assembly and dismantling of fairs and events.


LINDE forklifts are versatile, comfortable and cost-effective. Its high-precision drive technology, in both traction and direction, allows loads to be moved with great agility. Its dual pedal control, will allow you to move loads with millimeter precision.


The FIAT forklifts have a free lifting mast and integrated lateral displacement. Their great power makes them suitable for handling heavy loads and working on uneven or dusty terrain. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is very easy to manoeuvre.